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Leaves Shadows
2019 Portrait

my name is VICTORIA.

My passion is documenting individual stories, events, and traditions for multi-generational preservation.

If we meet today, you will quickly realize I’m an outgoing introvert who thrives on helping others. I have a high capacity for empathy and endless curiosity. I find so much joy in making videos to preserve legacies. Documenting stories and memories are so important to me because they serve as lessons to inspire others.

Through my academic studies and professional career I’ve continued to develop my producing, editing, and interviewing skills. I’ve worked alongside broadcast journalists, documentary photographers, corporate executives, higher education leaders, small business owners, and individuals with their families.

I can help you start the process of sharing your narrative or capturing your celebration on camera. My role is to empower you to tell your story. Give me the privilege of aiding you in this process, no matter which stage you’re in currently.


Schedule a free 30 minute kick-off meeting with me today.

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